Why you should work with us

Woodstock recruitment is a highly experienced, niche recruitment company, operating specifically within the cosmetics & personal care, household chemicals, consumer and hygiene chemicals markets.

We exist because our services work.

Partnered Approach

From our initial fact finding call, through to demonstrated repeat business from our clients for years to come. Our partnered approach is what makes it happen.

No two business or two people are the same, and it is learning these fundamental but subtle differences that creates a good jobseeker-employer match.

Our Network

With many years in the industry, it’s our network that is our main tool. On a daily basis, we are using and interacting with our network, having conversations and keeping tabs on who is open to work and which companies have vacancies they need to fill.

We are also tracking what issues and trends are being seen in the market place that may affect attracting and retaining talent.

Bottom line is, use a recruiter that has a network specifically suited to your needs.


Using our industry specific network and partnered approach, ultimately saves you time, money, and that headache that you really don’t need.

We are selective over which assignments we engage with and which we don’t. This allows us significantly more time per assignment compared to many of our competitors.

Our model is based on fewer assignments at a fair price, ensuring more time is spent on our clients needs.

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